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Max Fun With Maxi Dress

We women have an eternally loving relationship with our maxi dresses. Effortless maxi dresses are a wardrobe staple that is catching up very fast with every other woman. Given the choice of a mini or maxi, we typically go for the longer variety every time as the length and fit of most maxi dresses make them so comfortable. Is it not just so pretty, the way we can swish swash to a place? The hemline that sways gently adding that beautiful feminine touch. Thank God for making us women! If you rewind back a few years, when the maxi dress had not quite become the rage that it is now, it will strike you. For, if a woman dared to wear a maxi dress to places that did not require one to look dressy or posh, then the lady was sure to be greeted by cold glances and raised eyebrows. But now, thanks to the fashion fraternity worldwide, we have come to realize how really helpful maxi dresses can be. They not only flatter us, forgive us and offer undeniable comfort, but they are also surprisingly versatile too.

Maxi dresses have them all. They are versatile to wear for strolling at the beach or park; they can also be worn for dressy occasions; they are equally suitable for a walk around the mall and even for dates. Long dresses also come in all kinds of gorgeous styles to suit various occasions. We can transform ourselves from formal to casual in a matter of few minutes. And most importantly, there is no specific season to wear them. You can wear them in the scorching heat and feel super cool, and can also layer them up to provide the comfort during winters. Just choosing a different fabric and fit can change the way you feel. From a tad bit fancy to a little bit funky, slightly formal suitable for work environment to playful weekend ensembles, there are so many ways in which these dresses for girls can be worn.

Now, before we wear a maxi dress, we have to first be certain of the kind of latest dresses that will suit us. Let us be honest about our body types instead of following our style icons from the heart. The best style depends entirely on our body figure, and our height. Some maxi dresses look better on some specific body shapes than others. Of course, there are ways that can make most latest dresses for girls look good. Then comes the seasons. Maxi dresses can be worn in all seasons. You just have to take into account the fabric that has been used. Prints and colors also play their parts in the different seasons.

For the petite beauties, I would suggest that please keep in mind that we cannot afford to look like a tent! So be watchful of what style to wear. Here are a few tips: choose a long dress that fits snugly to your body especially around the hips and thighs. You can go for V-neck lines to make you appear taller and leaner. Those with a pear shaped body can also pick up this easy trick. This generally adds an illusion of length and makes you look more flattering. Stick to dark neutral colors like dark brown or black or deep plum and small prints. All this along with your pair of favorite heels can complete the look for you.

If you belong to the plus size category, there is good news for you! Long dresses for girls can minimize large hips and are therefore perfect to match your frame. Dump the spaghetti straps and opt for wide straps. They will complement your shoulders well. Choose a snug fitted dress for a toned down effect. Go for large prints and not the teeny weeny ones. Dark neutral colors help to add a slimming effect. Go for dark grey, or olive green or chocolate shades. You can also accessorize your maxi dress with a wide belt around the slimmest part of your torso. This will add balance to your look and you will sure look fetching. 

No matter what your body shape is, you can never go wrong with neutral colors. This is something nice if you love accessories. Accessories like statement jewelry, scarves, shrugs, shoes and matching bags can up the glam quotient when you wear maxi dresses.

So what shoes can we wear with the maxi dress? Since the dress itself is long we need to wear shoes that bring the focus on the dress. Strappy sandals in neutral shades, gladiators or open-toe pumps go best with them. Boots are a strict no-no!

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Hope this post was helpful and you guys enjoyed reading it!

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