Carry Your Fragrance !

Well,this post is an important one because of the melting summers on our heads 🙄 which cause a great problem of body odour to each one of us 😑

Well Neesh perfumes help quite alot in solving this problem as you can apply the perfume whenever required as you can carry it anywhere because of  its pikpack size!😁 

Neesh the brand ensure the use of natural and fresh ingredients in their perfumes. 
It is a unique company and has international packaging. 

Coming to packaging, it is the most attractive & best thing about their product which is pikpack and fits in every pocket; so you can carry it with yourself no matter where you go. And there are no chances of breaking of bottles because they are made of good quality plastic thus, you can carry them with you anywhere and everywhere unlike glass bottle perfumes !


  • They contain very high quality fragrance.
  • Lasts upto 12 hours.
  • Each spray cost less than Rs. 1/-
  • These pikpacks fit in every pocket.

These are all 20ml packs that provide 400 sprays at the price of Rs.340/- each!!

I recieved three of their fragrances & have listed them below in the order of my preference : 


    This one is my very favourite.

    It has the fragrance of Indian Saffron,Tea Rose,Castoreum,Agarwood & Amber.

    The scent is medium and feels very royal and fresh.


    This one is my second favourite.

    It has the fragrance of Citrusy,Cardamom,Cinnamon,Rose Saffron,Myrrh,Musk & Amber Patchouli.

    It is one of the light fragrance of Neesh & is quite floral & romantic .


     It has the fragrance of Indian Rose,Iran Saffron,Indian Shamama,Patchouly,Blackwood & Amber!

    It is very strong fragrance and even the scent I personally feel is moreover suitable for men.

    Neesh offers unisex perfumes ! And the fragrances are very royal and appealing.

    Along with these perfumes, Neesh also sent me samples of their other fragrances ; out which i could figure some scents to be very attractive ❤️ and these have to be:

    • Attar-E-Ishq
    • Attar-E-Najakat
    • Zaafran-E-Hindustan
    • Bette-D-Oud
    • Eau-De-Mehfil

    I would recommend Neesh perfumes for one who travels alot and can’t stay in one place like me 😜 because of their travel friendly pikpack size!

      You can buy these perfumes at or Amazon/Flipkart/Ebay/Snapdeal !

      Picture Credits-Ankita Mishra

      Hope this post was helpful and you guys enjoyed reading!

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      Thank you!


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