Shimmer Up : SBL Look |

As many of you guys already know that I have recently collaborated with StalkBuyLove & I will be styling 3 outfits from their amazing collection. So here, I’m presenting the very first one : SHIMMER UP !

Well in India it is quite hard to get your hands on all the latest fashion trends but i think SBL is quiet the solution for this problem , Because they have the most trending fashion designs in most wanted colors available almost throughout India!!

I have a undying love for nudes ❤️ & I just could not think of anything else, the moment i saw this sexy co-ord dress on their website.

The dress in itself is a piece of statement 😍

The shimmery crop top & knee length skirt are just the right piece of garments for a party night or any fashion event to totally stand out!!

The cutouts in the front and back side of the dress add that extra edge to the entire outfit 😍


Extremely minimal with just:

  • BAG: Tommy Hilfiger ; This black lil sling bag is my love literally ❤️
  • HEELS: New Look ; Pointed toe & Black which is a combo of my two favourites 😁
  • HAIR: Leave open or Tie up in a Bun , both go aptly with this outfit (so do according to your comfort)
  • RING: Borrowed from Mumma 😘
  • SUNGLASSES: Street shop in Cannaught Place ; These are reflectors so they won’t spoil your pictures with your eyes peeping out of your sunnies 😝

*You can buy this dress at !

Photography- Ankita Mishra ❤️

Hope this post was helpful & u guys enjoyed reading it 😁

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Thank You !


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