So what if nails are the dead part of our body..You can always bring life to them by keeping them painted & pretty ❤️

Here are some basic nailcolors that you must own so that you’re always good to go & have no headache matching the nailcolor to your look & outfit !

These are the nailcolors that i always have in stock other than the many more i own.

Lets begin,

Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel (Price :Rs. 350/-)
PINK- Passionate Pink!

Bright and at the same time soothing pink.

RED-Red Carpet!

Very rich red and a must have.

This range of Revlon is no doubt amazing and really long lasting as it claims.

Maybelline Express Finish (Price: Rs. 220/-)
Name-Turquoise Lagoon!


Amazing nailpaint for summers to make that fresh illusion.

Colorbar  Nail Lacquer Vernisa Ongles (Price :Rs. 110/-)
PINK –Berrylicious!


This is the only nailpaint in this post that has glitter in it because of which i have recommend it for that traditional looks.

DARK BROWN-High Tea 2!


This color will go with all your outfits to give nails that nude look and even the lighter shade will work best for such looks. Though they will highly compliment an entire Black or an entire White Outfit.

PURPLE-Grape Sangria!


Rich purple color to fulfill your need for purple.

Hope this post was helpful and you guys enjoyed reading it!

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