Perfect Date Outfit!

Heading for the date that you’ve been waiting all time long? Well then show em what they mean!

Speak less & let your clothes do the talking.

Lemme me help you slay it 👊🏻!!


Jumpsuit-StalkBuyLove ; Sling Bag-Tommy Hilfiger ; Heels-Hazratganj

Well yes black is not a color,its love for me 🙈 I just don’t find any color more sexy than Black & Duh! 🗯 who doesn’t wanna look Sexy 💕


For this look i have picked up a Black Jumpsuit from & paired it with Red heels!

The Jumpsuit: A very bold & hot garment that I could not get my eyes off when I saw it.

The main thing that attracted me about it was the choker type neck part of the jumpsuit & being tube, really makes it all bold with the color black taking it to a level of class!

Red Heels: Red can never go wrong with Black ! Yes, thats the reason i opted for these classy red heels.


Just two pieces of bold accessories to go with the entire look-

Ear rings: Studded & Chained earrings in rusted grey color from Globus Store..Too Bold Not To Stare ! Too Pretty Not To Compliment ♥️

Hand Cuff: Such a edgy design that in most of my pictures my first stare was at the handcuff only ! It is again from the Globus Store !

Bag: The one you’ve seen in earlier post & my fav! From Tommy Hilfiger.

HairDo: Easy & Sexy!

Take some hair from the front section & roll it,all the way back then secure it with a bobby pin. Tie rest of the hair into a high bun at the back part!

Trust me, this look will not only hold the stare of your crush but everyone around ♥️

P.S.- Special Thanks to Cappuccino Blast in Lucknow for helping me by providing their place for shoot!

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it! 

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Thank you ❤️


Anjali ❤️


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