Let’s Be Mom’s Lil Girl Again !

Hey,hope you’re all doing Great as Always & Shining 😁

Recently I have been wanting to look cute which does not happen at all 🙄 But here’s a lil try to create a throwback look to when we all were our mommie’s lil cute girls 👧🏻


A Skirt & a Crop top are all you need 😁

This basic black crop top is from Koovs & gives a bold touch to the soft look !

The skirt is from Forever 21 ! It has two pockets because of which it is a amazing pick for any casual look & also the button detailing in the centrer make it look a bit different.


🎒 BAG : This cute pastel pink backpack is from http://www.stalkbuylove.com . I really love it & have been goofing around 🗯 recently carrying it on almost all my casual looks 😁

👟 SNEAKERS : These are from Koovs  & I really like the lil chain detailing & snake print effect as they both add an extra edge to them, making them look not so normal sneakers 💋

HAIR : Pony is the best option for cute looks & I made one without a second thought 😁

👌🏻 The thing that I find really cool 🗯 about this outfit is how my decision of pairing the black crop top & sneakers with the soft pastel colors of the skirt & backpack has turned out to be giving a sweet as well as sexy appeal to the entire oufit !

Hope this post was helpful & u guys enjoyed reading it !

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Thank you ❤️
Anjali ❤️


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