Learn Hair Language with Kerastase !

There’s no denying the fact that all of us secretly crave for lustrous & healthy mane & do whatever it takes for them💕

When it comes to taking care of hair, there are three major steps to follow & one should never miss out on them :

1) Oiling

Never forget to oil your hair atleast 30 minutes before taking a Headwash !!

2) Shampoo

3) Conditioning

In this post i’m focusing on Shampoo-Now finding the right Shampoo for your hair-type is very important !

Recently, I heard about Kerastase (which is a Haircare brand from Paris) & went onto trying a Shampoo from their new Nutritive range & I must mention how much I have been loving it 😍

Kérastase Nutritive Bain Stain 1 Irisome
I just love how the shampoo leaves my hair feeling so soft & healthy 💁🏻

I totally love the fragrance of the shampoo while I clean my hair , though it does not last after the shower but still I find it quite soothing .

It is designed for Normal to slightly Dry hair & provides the hair with required nutrition !

Price : Rs. 1700/- for 250 ml

Tip : Use only a small quantity of the product focusing on the scalp !!

Yes, the price may be hard on some pockets but the shampoo is worth it 😁

Kerastase keeps your hair healthy & shiny 😍

Hair Language can help you in situations when you fall short of words 😁

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it 🤗

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Thankyou ❤️
Anjali ❤️


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