Sheet Mask Love! 

I am a freak about Sheet Masks !! Yes, that is why my very first Post on the blog was dedicated to them 🙌🏻😍

And I actually prefer them because:

  •  There is no fuss of applying the mask with your hands/brush which sometimes becomes a quite messy job 🙄
  • Then cleaning the mud packs & other masks is another headache 😓
  • Lastly,you can easily carry these masks with you wherever you go + Application is real easy ! ✈️

There is No Doubt that they Work Wonders for the Skin! 

Recently,I got my hands on these cute lil Sheet Masks from an online store called Skin18 which is a Korean Beauty Brand from HongKong.

Korean beauty standards are famous in the entire world no doubt as they offer the most amazing & effective skincare products ! Therefore,I was really eager to try these sheet masks on 😍

All the 4 that I got are :

1) EGF Moisturizing & Conditioning Serum Mask

It is a 3D mask in design.

The serum in this mask provides the skin essential moisturization & conditioning which are very important for healthy skin !

Why I love it :

  • Fits perfectly to the contours of the face.
  • The essence does not drip from the mask on application & is in right amount.
  • Leaves the skin feeling soft, supple & glowing.
  • Non-greasy !

    2) Fresh Fruit Lime Mask 

    This mask leaves your skin Hydrated .

    Also it is very effective because of the lime content which has immense benefits for the skin.

    • Helps in keeping the skin clear .
    • Gives a nice natural glow .

     3) Seal Animal Aqua Moisture Mask

    It is a sheet mask which keeps dry and rough skin always moist & elastic.

    It contains peptide complex, Swiftlet Nest Extract,Sodium Hyaluronate & Ceramide-3 thus keeps the dry & rough skin always moist, elastic, clear & healthy.

    I would recommend it for people with dry skin as people with oily skin might not like it much !

    • The mask is designed like the face of seal as shown on the packing which is the cutest thing about this one 😍

    4) Hydrogel Eye Patch 

    This is the thing for you if you suffer from that under eye puffiness like me 🙄

    Helps alot in reduction of those bags by tightening the skin near your eyes & also reduces lines!!

    Open the pack & apply both patches on your under eyes keeping the thinner side towards inside ! Then leave for 20-30 mins.

    • You can always use them while you are travelling..15-20 mins before landing or reaching to fight the puffiness under your eyes & look fresh rather than tired !


    • Once you’ve opened your sheet mask packet then you should always use them immidiately as the essence of the mask dries out on keeping the mask unsealed !
    • I recommend using face masks right before you have an event/party to attend because the glow which they provide immidiately after usage is amazing !

    P.S.- I totally adore the cute packaging of these masks 😍

    You can go on & order yours from

    Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it 🤗
    Don’t forget to leave a comment & hit the follow button below if you liked it !
    Thankyou ❤️

    Anjali ❤️


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