Go Organic with Omorfee

I am fan of organic products! I love trying out something new everytime.

Main reason being that I use makeup so I feel like its a treat for my skin;

Also I would recommend everyone to use organic products because if they don’t do any good to our skin then atleast they also don’t cause any harm !

Their effects definitely take a bit of time to show results but according to me,its worth it.

Recently,I got my hands on a few products from an organic skincare brand OMORFEE which is a Indo-German company & makes totally chemical-free products emphasizing on the healing power of Mother Nature !

Also,their products are Cruelty free i.e. Not tested on animals.

I tried out two products from their range :-


It Contains: Milk protein extract in Shea butter & Kokum butter with Organic olive oil, Jojoba oil & Sweey almond oil that are great in providing immense moisture & nourishment to hands.

It also has pure Lotus oil that is great in providing nourishment to the skin.

The Fragrance is very light & does not last very long.

Moisturization is also medium but gives great results on regular usage.

Plus the bottle is extremely travel-friendly & is Priced at Rupees 699/- .


It Contains: pure Shea butter enriched with Castor oil,Almond oil & Vanilla extract.

I found it to be a really effective lip balm for chapped & dry lips as it gives quick results, Priced at Rupees 399/- .

I would reccomend you people to try it.

And I totally love the wooden touch all their containers are given 😍
P.S.- All these products are devoid of ParabenSynthetic ColorsParaffins, Alcohols, Glycols, Silicones & Fragrance.

So go ahead right now & select your totally organic product from OMORFEE .

Hope this post was helpful & you enjoyed reading it 💕

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Much Love ❤️


Anjali !


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