Hot Red

Thursdays never brought so much excitement before I started the blog but now they do because it means a Fashion Post Day 😁

Here’s a new look highlighting the Color Red & how it can add a tinch of hotness to any garment !!


Two Red components in this look are i) Top in cross-over front style & ii) Stilletoes.

You will love how I have used the color in this look to jazz up the very normal high-waisted shorts in white color.

ACCESSORIES are as usual very minimal with a delicate neck chain from Accessorize which is very feminine & I totally adore it + a watch !

And with the hairstyle , I have tried to give it a sweet & elegant touch.

TOP : Remanika,Pantaloons


NECK CHAIN : Accessorize

WATCH : Tommy Hilfiger

📸P.C.-Ankita Mishra

Hope this post was helpful & you enjoyed reading it 💕

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Much Love ❤️


Anjali !


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