Road Trip Kalga-Kasol-Shimla-Kasauli 

Hey everyone, Hope you are all doing great 😬

Well,this post is gonna be quite different because it’s my first Travel Blog & also it’s gonna be a long one so grab some coffee ☕️ & relax on your sofa while reading this 😁

So lets get started 📝😍

Before going into details of the trip, I would like to give some PACKING TIPS that will be helpful if you are going for a Trek Trip :

  • Pack as less as you can. Yes, You have to carry it yourself. Repeat clothes.
  • Keep a torch ! Must !!
  • Carry all you beauty essentials in travel size bottles.
  • Don’t forget to carry more than 2 hair ties !
  • Carry atleast 2 trackpants/joggers !

We were a group of 4 in, 3 girls & a guy & began our Road Trip from New Delhi around midnight & reached our destination Kalga around 1pm next day !

Somewhere near Kalga!
DAY 1 : After parking our car, we had to trek for about 20-25mins to reach our Guest House in Kalga.


Shanti Guest House
I was totally mesmerized by the serenity and the beauty of this place. It was so peaceful there.

We spent some time at the cafe in our guest house, relaxing & talking to the localites. The locals are friendly and cheerful. I totally loved them and felt much more at ease.Specially,the guest house owners are extremely sweet people & you will just feel like family with them 💞

I was tired as hell so after the dinner we retired to our rooms.


I woke up late, Duh 💁🏻

It started to rain as soon as I was ready to take on the day. So, instead of crying and complaining, I danced and played in the rain with my friends.

In the evening we decided to explore the village.

Shoes-Vans ; Pullover-Only ; Denims-Tommy Hilfiger
Then we started a small trek to reach a point which had a bonfire setup,a swing & a hammock set up by some trekker! It was a very fun & amazing spot !

I ran to the swing like a child and got on it before my friends could even get a clue. From the swing which hung on the tree, showed the view of the entire village below as it was on the edge of the mountain. I was reminiscing  my childhood while on the swing.We took our turns to get on to it. We played and sang songs and also planned the next day.

Comment below, if you want to watch the video of the swing !!

We went home by the time it was dark as you cannot & should not roam around in the jungles at night 😬 Because safety is important along with all the fun & adventures!

DAY 3 :

This day we trekked up again but now to find a perfect place for some Camping 🎪! Yay 🎉

Trekking Scenes
Cutest thing I found while Trekking 😍
After Trekking for about an hour, We found a lil plain area near the edge of the hill & yes it was slanted, where We set up our Camp ! It was so much fun 😍😍

Both the dogs accompanied us while our entire trek guarding us from the dogs of unknown areas & guiding us. Isn’t that so Cute & like Worth melting heart kinda thing ? ❤️😍

Well, the dogs in this region usually accompany people on their treks & come back with them ❤️ Seriously love !

Sweater-Max ; Lower-Forever 21
We carried food,speakers (because music in this place really soothes the soul) & some fun stuff with us to enjoy in our lil camp 💕

During the night,we returned back to our guest house & enjoyed Bonfire with the people of guest house & the village.

This is how we wrapped the day !

DAY 4 :

Trekking was again a part of this day & we went up to a spot which gave us an amazing view of a Waterfall nearby !

But trust me,this trek was a bit hard for me because the path was really narrow & on the edges of hills so a bit risky if you have fear of heights like me !

But I had gone on this trip with the aim of doing what I fear & if I can do it then even you can ❤️ Its all about having trust in yourself ! Yessss, You are strong enough 💕

Look at the View mann !
Well,We stopped at the view of waterfall & I don’t have any pictures of it because I was sitting on the edge of a very steep hill 🙈 Ahemmm, Yes I was stuck with the fear of falling down the entire time but I held on till the end 😬 & I’m proud of myself 💃🏼

Then,finally we moved from that place & I got some life back into myself 😂

Looking at that Waterfall like Yes we did it !
We spent the rest of the day roaming here & there in the jungles till the evening & yes We got some clicks !

Look at us ; Trying so hard to pose 😀
Then Dinner by the Bonfire,some Music,Good Singers & the Serene environment ❤️

By the night, We became friends with a group of 6 six people of our age group from Delhi only,who arrived to stay at the guest house where we were staying !

As the number of people increased,the place became more fun & we had a larger company to enjoy with.

We spent the night, playing some really interesting games with them & also UNO.

DAY 5 :

As one of our friend was very familiar with the place, he was the only one who took us to all the treks & who took us to this divine place!

So we along with the group of people from Delhi went for some trekking & showed them some places 😬

It was nice being in their company! We all had a great time together.

We trekked this day for around 2 hours & On our way,We crossed a very beautiful Waterfall 💦
We stopped our trek finally at a Cafe!! Where we ate like hell 😝

Thats a tired face,Ready to pose!
After spending some time in this area or you can say when we were tired of eating continously 😂, We headed back to our place 😬

After reaching back to our cafe,We all relaxed for some time as we were hell tired !

Then we spent the night under the stars on a huge rock doing some photography & chit chats!! And trust me,I cannot explain in words the view which my eyes saw.

The sky was filled with the stars 🌟 Like literally the entire sky & We could even see the Milky Way 😍 You will never get to see this view in the city !!

DAY 6 : 

We woke up this day again to the amazing view of hills reaching high above the sky 🏔

So this day, the group of people from Delhi by now whom I could call my friends stayed one day more & just because of us 😀 Therefore,We had to make sure that they enjoyed their stay!

We decided to take them camping with us.

After having our Lunch this day; We all trekked for about half an hour & placed our camp near a very beautiful place that had a Swing & a Hammock (about which I told you before).

Here we played UNO, Antakshari,Danced,talked so much about ourselves & ate(obviously) 😛 ! [Also the owners of our Guest House came here to accompany  us because they loved talking and hanging out with us ALSO THEY WERE THE SWEETEST PEOPLE WE MET]

By the evening,We lighted the Bonfire-spent the time singing songs & actually being moreover lost in the place!

The calmness of the place, just never lets me forget it!!

Then around 8-9pm,we headed back to our cafe where we had food by the bonfire!

After Dinner; We all played Dumsharaas which was so much Fun 😀

And after some UNO,we went to sleep..

The cafe in Kalga costed us Rs.200/- per night for one room & we had rented 2 rooms! Which was very cheap !

Total of our stay costed us around Rs. 12,000/- for four people including the food! Which is a great deal.


Leaving Kalga was very hard for all of us & even the Guest House people were really upset …but Today We had to do KASOL !!

The owner of the cafe packed around 10kgs of Apples for us as a Departure gift.

We reached Kasol around 2pm.

Kasol is quite different from Kalga; Its kind of a happening place. Great if you are a party person as Parties keep on happening here every now & then!

We first searched for a stay to spend the night [Which was really cheap Guest House & costed us Rs.500/-; Sorry I don’t remember its name ] then after parking our car their. We headed out to explore this cute & happy hill station where beautiful Parvati river flows.

Way to Parvati Valley

We went to the river side to spend some time & it was so pretty & peaceful with the amazing sound of the river!

Then we went out in the market [market is mostly filled with hippy clothing & stuff] & explored the streets & some really good cafes! Strolling around in the streets was really amazing here (like it is in all the hill stations !)

By the time it was night,We went into this amazing MAMA CAFE to have dinner! This place had such nice interiors+yummmyyy food!! It is one of the must visits if you are in KASOL.

We woke up around 11-12, freshened up & left the guest house !

Bhoj Cafe ❤️
Had our food in the BHOJ CAFE : Such a amazing cafe again with the sitting arrangments down on floor with mattresses & all..decore like that of a room in a palace or something + the music also so soothing !! This is the second must visit cafe in KASOL .

Then we finally left KASOL heading for Delhi..

By the evening we reached the signboard to Shimla & guess what ??

We took the road to SHIMLA because Yes,We were yet not ready to leave the hills 😝

We reached Shimla late night around 10-11pm so we first looked for a hotel to stay!

After which We went out on the Mall Road which is so so beautiful ❤️ because it was very late so all the stalls n market was closed but we managed to find a good restaurant for our dinner!


After breakfast ; We left from Shimla so that We could reach home on time!

But guess what ? This time KASAULI stopped us 😂

We reached Kasauli on good time to explore the place as it is only 72kms from Shimla.

Primarily, We parked the car in market & had some food !

Then we went to the Sunset Point. And this place is very beautiful & clean ❤️

At the sunset point,We were in between the clouds where they had some swings which we obviously took 😛

After this we went to the Gilbert Trail which is through a beautiful Nature Walk ❤️ Must visit !!

Then we went to the market and bought some souvenirs. We had coffee at the Old Town Cafe & hunted for a place to stay!

Coming about stay, Kasauli is quite a expensive place ! But somehow towards the end of place we managed to find the least expensive & beautiful stay costing Rs.3000/- for two rooms with all the facilities available & the amazing restaurant at their roof top which was way too pretty & happening !

We spent the night here, entertaining ourselves with some dance,games & good food !!


We left Kasauli around 11 am for Delhi this time finally 😝

Watching the hills leaves us on our way was so heart-breaking but come back to reality man 😛 it had to end.

We reached Delhi around 4-5pm.

So it was a wrap to this amazing getaway on day 10 which was initially planned for 5 days 😂!!

Entire trip costed us around Rs.50,000/- for four people !!

Hope this post was helpful & you enjoyed reading it 💕

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Much Love ❤️

Anjali !


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