Hey Autumn !

So guys the best of all the seasons & my fav is here,Autumn ❤️ Its the perfect weather for anything & everything because its neither too cold nor hot , just the soothing cold weather which relieves our mind in every way possible !

Also this weather makes me feel sooo happy all the time 😍

For which I have created a perfect Autumn Outfit for you all 👻 Just a bit of imagination which turned out to be quite appealing to me .

For this look, I have picked up a shrug or a throw-on from Forever 21 . Which has a lil secret behind it 😝 I so much fell in love with this piece & its colour at first sight that ignoring the fact that it was not available in my size, still I bought it in L size 😂 because an idea clicked to style it in my mind, just the moment I saw it 😍

I decided to wear it as a Dress & because it had no means of fastening so I chose to put on this metal belt from Globus which  actually turned out being the key element of this outfit. And I’m totally in love with this rad & sexy metal piece!

Then comes the footwear !!!! Lace ups have been spotted all around this year on every celeb & yes they are not leaving the Fashion Grounds any sooner. They are here to stay 👣

It was so perfect finding almost the same color lace up ballerinas for this outfit from Westside because I wanted to keep the look really minimal,appealing & sexy 👑 And it would not have been possible without these shoes which are my total obssession without a doubt 💭

I’m carrying with this outfit a super lovely clutch from Diwaah in White color which compliments the color of this outfit so interestingly. 

Also this is my go-to clutch these days because of its big size that has room for all my essentials no matter if they are big in size or small. I would recommend you guys to check out their amazing boho kinda collection ❤️ I’m sure you’ll love it !

Further, I have not opted for any accessories except a watch on my wrist 🕣

SHRUG : Forever 21

BELT : Globus

FOOTWEAR : Westside

CLUTCH : Diwaah

 📸 P.C : Ankita Mishra

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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Much Love❤️




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