Oxblood Love !

Yes, Oxblood colour is love. The most sexiest colour to my eyes (obviously after Black ) ! It is so feminine & any garment in this colour is ought to make you look pretty & sexy I feel. So raise your hands if you also agree with me.

Due to my fondness for this colour, I created this look entirely out of Oxblood colour, for which I have picked up a sweater dress & matched it with below the knee full socks in same colour. And to keep this simple yet sexy look at pace with the trends, I’m wearing tan coloured ankle strap heels over the socks. Wearing Sandals over socks is the trend which has emerged out amazingly this year.

Tan also gives a good contrast to oxblood colour because they are in same tones & no doubt it turned out to be a good decision.

Also I have opted for these heels & socks to make it look different because everyone seems to be pairing such sweater dresses with boots now a days.

And I have kept the Makeup very nude & lips in a brown yet gold tone to have entire focus on my outfit!

SOCKS : Forever21 

HEELS : Purplehide

📸 P.C. : Mansi Tripathi

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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Much Love❤️



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