Amp Up Your Street Style

Come on not everyone of us has the power to get up early from bed & decide the outfit for the day,then what usually happens is that we end up wearing anything & not looking our best in college/office or where ever you go so then again you end up cursing yourself the entire day for getting up late !
So here is a very casual outfit that you can you totally slay or amp up by just adding this layer of garment & that is a sleek black sleeveless coat. I got mine from H&M & I totally love the glossy material of its collars that actually makes it look really classy.

I have thrown this coat over a very simple pair of denim shorts & a grey tank. I have tucked in the tank to give it a quite neat finish & added a leather belt from Tommy Hilfiger that I got from the men’s section.

This is a really easy-effortless-sexy look to wear to college, lunch dates, evening hangouts with friends or to office.

Keep the makeup really warm & nude so that it gives your face a very fresh look.

Coat-H&M ; Tank-Mango ; Belt-Tommy Hilfiger ; Shorts-Ginger ; Heels-Purplehide ; Bag-Tommy Hilfiger.

P.C. : Ankita Mishra

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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