Coffee Need! 

Coffee works like a morning booster for many of us & if you are one of them, then I have found a coffee brand with perfect taste for you. It is from BeanStalk n Leaves that sells filter coffee which tastes really good & its main ingredients involve Coffee Powder & Chicory. 

About :

  • Premium blended powder.
  • Chicory added, improves potency.
  • Not instant coffee.
  • Brewing time is 2-3 minutes.
  • Good & re-sealable packing.

It comes in three variants/flavours i.e. Shotgun , Velvet Dew , Smooth Operator .

All the packings have a really amazing explanation that you must read & enjoy !


Strongest among the three blends because of which it is perfect to start your mornings or evenings when you need that kick to get you going. 

Price – ₹ 335


Mild coffee that helps one to unwind & calm. It is perfect to be grabbed while doing something like reading or watching a movie to get that soothness flowing in you.

Price – ₹ 355


 It is medium flavour coffee in between strong & mild. Best part about it is the chocolaty flavour it offers that I totally love.

Price – ₹ 295

Go on order yours right away from their Instagram handle- @beanstalknleaves

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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Much Love❤️



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