Nude ‘tude !

You know what I just found out the best way to wear a white shirt & totally slay ! You might have never really thought that one basic white shirt of yours can ever look so classy & take your outfit to a whole next level. So basically what you have to do is wear it below a tube top or a dress & pull it near/below your shoulders ( whatever keeps you comfortable, i kept mine midway) in such a way that its collar comes in line with the edge of your tube at the back. And to hold your shirt in that position: First find out the your perfect place that is how much low you wanna take it then button down the remaining shirt in the front. Then wear your tube above it & adjust accordingly.

I have paired mine with a sequined top & a side slit skirt, both in nude colors. Mine is a bit of party look & you can experiment with it in so many more ways. So go on, try on yours & then dont forget to share them with me. For shoes, I have tried two ; one being heels in tan colour & second being gladiators again in tan colour.  

For makeup, I have kept it really nude & fresh. To make it look more clean, I have pressed my hair properly then did a mid parting & kept all the hair at back.

📸- Ankita Mishra

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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