Forever 21 Story!

A skater dress is such a versatile garment that you can wear it in alot many different styles & experiment with it as much as you want! I personally prefer skater dresses as they look so girly because of their body hugging fit at the top & flowy fit at the bottom. They enhance one’s figure & really makes you look pretty I feel. Everyone should you own a skater dress.

 So here, in this post I styled mine from Forever 21 in Olive colour in 3 ways that are very easy & can be totally worn by everyone of us in daily life. 

LOOK 1 : Party Look !

In this look, I have styled this really simple skater dress for a party purpose by just adding a pair of black heels & a lacy camisole from above it & side tying it. The camisole makes the dress instantly very sexy & all dressy , perfect for a party night with friends. It shows the effort you put in your outfit as wellas your creative side to people.

LOOK 2 : College Look !

So for this look, I’m wearing a white shirt underneath the dress( folding its sleeves all the way up to the sleeves of the dress so that the shirt appears to be a part of the dress only ) & a pair of sneaker! This look is very casual & is best for college days. Tie your hair into a ponytail & you are good to rock this look.

LOOK 3 : Everyday Look !

Lastly, i’m wearing the dress as it is without adding any second element for a everday look which is extremely casual & you can rock it easily. And to make the eyes attract just add a quirky or a funky pair of slip ons & a nice sling bag that goes with your footwear & you are all set to look simple & attractive!

Also this is the second part of my budget buy stories where this dress only costed me ₹ 909, this camisole around ₹600 both from Forever21 & a white shirt, we all own one!

P.C. : Ankita Mishra
Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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