Party in a Shirt Dress

Shirt Dresses are mostly worn casually with a pair of sneakers or a over a tank & shorts for everyday looks ! But have you ever thought of wearing a shirt dress to a party ? Yes, definitely you can ! So, in todays post I’m gonna show you how you can rock a shirt dress to parties by making it kinda off shoulder. So I went on and ordered mine from BEWAKOOF in checks & dark green colour that I absolutely love. Check out their website for a lot more amazing pieces.

The very first thing you’ll need is a halter neck tank or a bralette that compliments the colour of your dress! Secondly, wear your dress over it, open the required number of buttons from top so as to pull down its neck to the level of shoulders & pull up its sleeves & fold for neat-fit look. Pair it with sleek glitter heels going with the colour of your bralette. And you are all set to rock this T-shirt dress to parties or events which now does not look like t-shirt dress at all ! Also this is an amazing idea for college looks if you are a bit experimental with your outfits. 

Then for makeup, I have gone for smokey eyes with sea-green & black colour, keeping the lips soft pink nude & tying my hair up into a messy bun to make it look all sexy.

P.C. : Ankita Mishra & Ekta Mishra

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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