Go Retro !

These days I see so many celebs & people rocking the retro looks or adding a tinge of retro to their outfits(like bell-bottoms, ruffles, embroidery, etc.) which actually looks  pretty amazing to me! One by one anyhow everything retro keeps coming back in trend in some or the other way & turns out being more beautiful & appealing.

This tempted me to create a Retro look for you guys from something that I already own and is not Retro. For which I went on & raided my wardrobe to find out this sleeveless black over coat, which is really classy to my eyes. By looking at it, immidiately I decided to wear it as a dress. To make it look retro, I added a Scarf in Black color with polka dots around my neck  along the collar of the coat.

Makeup was a very important part of this look so I kept in mind to create a bit retro hairstyle with a bun,lil puff & some fringes ! Then I completed the look with a classic red lip 💋

Accessorized a bit with bold pretty earrings & red heels!

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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Much Love❤️



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