Yes it happens with every girl, every day that we spend so much time deciding- What to pair with what? , Will this look okay? , What about the bottoms? , Are you sure I should wear this? , Won’t I look overdressed? & Blah Blah Blah..These questions are endless & their answers totally depend on our mood 😂

So to counter such days – Overalls are your Rescue! Trust me. They are so easy to style & comfy at the same time. Plus they can be worn in the most casual to classy/sexy styles depending upon where you are heading & obviously what your mood feels like.

For this post I have styled a Classic Denim Dungaree with some ripped details in a quite sexy way by wearing a pink bralette under it & completed the look with a pair of tan lace up heels to amp up the look a little. And I’m carrying a little pouch kinda sling with metals chain in brown colour to go complement my heels.

Makeup is very neutral with just bright eyes by using a very shimmery eyeshadow in a colour next to white. You can either tie your hair into a fishtail/french braid or just let it flow like that.

P.C. : Ekta Mishra

 Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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