The Dress Edit : Part I

So I had this dress of mine which I guess I really never wore, like ever! Then few days back when I saw it hanging somewhere in my closet, I decided to do something creative with it. I took scissors in my hand & cut the dress in half. Now I have two pieces from this dress, one has turned out to be a top & other into a skirt because the dress had a elastic somewhere above my waist line.

Finally I have three outfits from this one dress that I will be sharing with you all one by one. Also all these styles are perfect for this time of the year because the dress had entirely floral print so every outfit idea comes with you know Flower Power, heheh. Best to rock during summers.

The very first idea came in my mind with the top from the dress. I went on & paired it with my D.I.Y. Cut-Out jeggings that I’m totally in love with. Then add a pair of tan shoes like I have gone for gladiators but I know anything tam will look good on this.The outfit looks really cute & has a whole summery feels. The highlight of this outfit comes from the crop top & the hairstyle with is so pretty 🌸 Just french braid a section if hair in the middle from one side & pin it up at the back & you are all set to rock this look.

Hairstyle Courtesy : Tanya Jaiswal
P.C. : Mansi Tripathi

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Much Love❤️



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