The Dress Edit : Part II

Here comes the second part of the very complemented Dress Edit Series. 

In this look I have paired the bottom part of the dress i.e. The Floral Skirt with a black low neck – full sleeves top. The top here takes the outfit to the level of sexy & the floral skirt keeps it intact with the summer love. This outfit is quite good for a event or a dinner date. The statement of this outfit comes from the bold D.I.Y. Chokers that you can easily make at home. Drop in a comment if you want to know more about it.

Then the hair style is a beautiful part with some french braiding from the last post & a braid all the way to the right length of your hair.

Lastly, you can take outfit to the whole next bold & funky level by wearing a pair of sneakers with it instead of heels. So go ahead & that if you like to keep it off track.

Hairstyle Courtesy : Tanya Jaiswal

P.C. : Mansi Tripathi

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Much Love❤️



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