Okay so you already know that Black is my forever crush & its like a NEVER BETTER situation for me when it comes to Black! If I fall for something & then I see it in black black colour, I eventually find it even more attractive 😍 So today’s post is another entire black outfit with some really casual,comfortable & eye catching look ! 

Here, I have paired a black mesh top that has this broad saying in the front with NEVER BETTER, which I found really cool as that is how I expect my everyday to be like Never Better! Then I decided to go bra-less to embrace the mesh detailing of this top at the back to make it all edgy & i have put on silicon stick-on pads. Added to it ‘m wearing black knee ripped jeans & black Vans (that are totally black with even black sole).

Then for a contrast ‘m carrying this bag in kinda light brown & cream colour to make it stand out. I feel that my short hair really compliment this look. It is perfect look for college where obviously you can wear a tube bra if not comfortable or for a hangout with friends when you are in a very casual yet stylish mood.

Photography – Mansi Tripathi

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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Much Love❤️



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