So RAD !

So I really have this bug in me that keeps biting me everytime to try out something new & be experimental. It sometimes might not turn out to be that good but atleast I feel its better than being boring specially when it comes to the blog! As we have seen people wearing their pants too low to reveal their undies 😂 well I wasn’t ready for that so I thought of wearing my high-waisted workout tights from Reebok below my regular ripped denims. 

To go with that, I have paired a basic black crop top because I wanted to give it a subtle yet bold look at the same time & the most rad part about this look I find are these sick pastel boots that I totally adore with so smooth finish & those block heels to die for❤️ 

I feel that my short hair, makes this look kinda retro & vintage (exactly how I wanted it to turn out). Then a thin belt again in pastel pink tone goes too well & its buckle design is something that attracted me! Plus a pair of bold sunnies in this pinkish tone compliment this look too well !

📸- Mansi Tripathi

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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Much Love❤️



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