D.I.Y. From Casual to Party Wear

So I had this very basic grey color crop top which havent used much because I really dont like wearing basics alot! And the top was new & just hanging in my wardrobe (Everyday I looked at it, I wanted to do something with it & change it) , so one day this idea hit me of doing some D.I.Y. with it & use it for wearing in a totally different way. I instantly decided to create something sexy out of it & convert it into party wear.

I went ahead, surfed the internet for some inspiration & grabbed a scissors.

I finally began with cutting out the neck of the top into choker style & giving a deep V-neck cut. After that I gave some cuts on the entire top by grabbing the cloth in my hand with two fingers & folding it so it gave messy cuts that seemed real.

This is the final result, what the top looks like & I styled it for a party night in a very effortless manner by pairing it with a black skirt , black heels & a popping sling bag.

Makeup- Because the shades of the outfit are already very dark, I went for very nude makeup just black n grey eyes so enhance the entire look.

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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Much Love❤️

Xoxo Anjali❤️


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