George Everest Peak, Mussoorie Adventure!

It is a recent story when I was in Delhi, me & my roommate has no plans for the weekend which we knew was really going to kill us as watching everyone’s snapchat stories during the weekend would surely be painful 😂

So it was already Friday, we were lying down in our beds & talking. Suddenly, we ended up making a plan to visit Mussoorie with friends & their friends. At first we were not really sure but then the thought of all the adventure & travelling got into our heads & we ended up packing our mini travel bags for a days trip to Mussoorie.

This was extremely spontaneous because we din’t have any tickets booked & we had no idea that it was going to be a hell of task to get those tickets for us as it was the time of Dusshera. I really cannot explain the experience in words but we literally had to fight the entire crowd to get ourselves tickets to Dehradun😂

While travelling make sure that you wear the most comfortable clothes. I was wearing an oversized tee & a legging. Trust me, this was my best decision, also because we had to travel by a bus.

We went to Dehradun as some people were joining us from there as well, where reached at 6:30am, headed to our friends place, got freshened up, changed our travelling clothes & got ready to visit Mussoorie via cab!

Before reaching Mussoorie, let me tell you that we din’t visit the city exactly rather we had an adventure in mind from the time we left Delhi & had to spend some time in peace with nature that one really cannot experience in cities like Delhi. For this, we directly headed to George Everest Point and from here we did a mini trek of 30-40mins which was quite dangerous but extremely adventurous & fun at the same time.

Pack as less as possible for treks, because it gets really tough to trek with those backpacks or any kinda bag. Still prefee to carry backpacks (or trekking bags) instead of any other bags.

Well this trek was the best part of this trip as we were accompanied by a cool & cloudy weather with a view of infinte clouds, beautiful mountains & obviously not to forget the amazing & entertaining company we had ❤️

I must say that the trek was tiny miny risky because there is no proper path but you will enjoy if you want adventure & dont have a fear for heights, well thats just a precaution because I enjoyed it despite having the same fear so if I can then even you can. In the beginning I said I cannot do it & panicked but nobody listened to me which was totally worth it 😂😍

When the trek was complete, we reached the peak point of George Everest Mountain where the view was literalyy breath taking & heavenly with never ending mountains, skies so blue with beauty of clouds, fog moving through us & chilly winds blowing through our hair, made up for all the risk that we took to climb this peak point. Trust me, I have never felt so close & mesmerised by nature.

We were group of ten people at the end who sat here, chatted, had food,shared memories, danced, became good friends with people we barely knew a day before without realising how many hours have passed & it started becoming dark as the sun set, so we had to trek down soon as it was going to be tough we knew.

When finally completed trekking down to the George Everest Point & spent remaining time in the beauty of this place eating Maggi & very needed Chai ☕️ (Tea) for this awesome weather with good music, dance & talks.

Then we got into our cab, when literally everybody, i mean even the shopkeepers had wrapped & left the place 😛 as we could not just get enough of the beautiful nature surrounding us❤️

Finally, got into our cab, headed back to Dehradun where I kept singing on the entire drive back 😂

After reaching Dehradun, we had dinner, slipped into our travelling clothes & boarded the bus for Delhi at 12 & were there by 6am in the morning.

This short yet adventurous trip was really amazing & I would recommend you to visit this place if you don’t get enough time & want a adventure filled get-away!..Thank-you.

Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!

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Much Love❤️

Xoxo Anjali❤️


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