Go Retro !

These days I see so many celebs & people rocking the retro looks or adding a tinge of retro to their outfits(like bell-bottoms, ruffles, embroidery, etc.) which actually looks  pretty amazing to me! One by one anyhow everything retro keeps coming back in trend in some or the other way & turns out being more … More Go Retro !

Coachella Vibes !

Tomorrow is the last day of Coachella & No I’m not going to attend it! Come on atleast I can always dress up like I’m going to one. Coachella appeals to me so much, I totally love to check out the Outfits that every celeb wears & even some common people come out with really … More Coachella Vibes !

Lace & Grace !

Hey guys, hope you all have been doing great ! So I’m here with a new post which is about adding a bit of lacy garment to make your outfit all gracy & elegant. Well I’m a big fan of lacy clothing because I feel they make you look instantly edgy & sexy. Then coming … More Lace & Grace !

Forever 21 Story!

A skater dress is such a versatile garment that you can wear it in alot many different styles & experiment with it as much as you want! I personally prefer skater dresses as they look so girly because of their body hugging fit at the top & flowy fit at the bottom. They enhance one’s … More Forever 21 Story!

Nude ‘tude !

You know what I just found out the best way to wear a white shirt & totally slay ! You might have never really thought that one basic white shirt of yours can ever look so classy & take your outfit to a whole next level. So basically what you have to do is wear … More Nude ‘tude !

Boho Look !

Do you ever wake up with a theme or style already in your mind that how you wanna dress up for that particular day even if theres nothing special about it! Well that happens alot with me because i’m a college student & “What to wear?” is the first question that pops up in my mind … More Boho Look !


Ones outfit usually describes their mood ! Ever thought of owning footwear that can help you express it better ? Yeah , now you can with Presa Flats as they have a amazing collection varying from funky to elegant that you rock in really fun ways.  I picked up these flats with the BLAH slogan as I … More BLAH ! 

Coffee Need! 

Coffee works like a morning booster for many of us & if you are one of them, then I have found a coffee brand with perfect taste for you. It is from BeanStalk n Leaves that sells filter coffee which tastes really good & its main ingredients involve Coffee Powder & Chicory.  About : Premium … More Coffee Need!