Gardner Street

I love having Green Tea twice a day & if not twice, then it is in my routine atleast once! What I love about it is that it really helps boost my mood & acts as the best relaxation that I would love to have any time of the day.

Then here are few amazing benefits of having Green Tea :

  • Loaded with Antioxidants.
  • Its Bioactive compounds improve Health.
  • Kills bacteria, Improves Dental Health & lowers the risk of Infections.
  • Helps in Weight loss.
  • Lastly, it helps to fight n numbers of diseases.

But many people tend to ignore these benefits, just because they feel it lacks good taste. So, for all you people I have found the best Green Tea with amazing different flavours that offer great taste.

    Its from a brand named, “GARDNER STREET” , their tea comes packed in silken Sachets & are whole leaf hence helping even more. Their various flavours are: Detox, Glow, Light, Flower Power, Lemon Aid, Heal, Chinese W. & Morocon Mint. I have tasted all of them & to my astonishment none of them disappointed me!!

    Few Details about about the Glow & Detox because I know you all must be interested in trying them out to cope up with your busy schedules to maintain that glow & healthy body.

    1. GLOW [ Clears the Skin ]

    Great for skin detox, its called nature’s botox since it contains Hibiscus. Drinking GLOW has helped me alot in keeping my skin clear from within & with the detox process in my busy college & blog life.

    Ingredients :

    • Whole Leaf Green Tea
    • Hibiscus & Marigold petals
    • Orange peels
    • Natural Melon flavour

    2. DETOX [ Clears the Toxins ]

    Helps in weight loss & is good to have post a heavy meal.

    Ingredients :

    • Whole Leaf Green Tea
    • Lemongrass
    • Ginger
    • Natural Lemongrass
    • Ginger flavour

    Each pretty box contains 20 sachets & is priced at ₹ 450/- each.

    I would highly recommend this product for everyone who loves Green Tea.

    Hope this post was helpful & you guys enjoyed reading it!Don’t forget to hit the Like button & Follow my Blog if you liked it 😊

    Much Love❤️



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